Dealing With a Blocked Toilet

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3 Reasons Why Startup Plumbing Firms Need an Apprentice Plumber

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For plumbers, succeeding in a highly competitive industry is fundamental to the continued provision of services to clients. Therefore, plumbers implement different strategies to remain ahead of the competition. Such a policy might involve investing in new plumbing technology and taking refresher plumbing courses, among other things. However, did you know that hiring an apprentice plumber can take your plumbing business to the next level? Most plumbers do not understand this and focus on recruiting experienced staff who can get the work done fast. Read More»

A Simple Water Heater Maintenance Guide

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Hot water systems are an essential component of nearly every home. In addition to providing warm baths, they facilitate various other household activities including cleaning of clothes and dishes. As such, it’s imperative to make sure that it’s properly maintained and working efficiently.  There are several maintenance procedures that you can undertake to make sure that your system is working accordingly at all times. Below are some of the common maintenance tips that will help keep your hot water system in perfect condition. Read More»