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How to Deal With a Stubborn Blockage in Your Drainage System

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If you've ever had to deal with a blocked drain, you know how frustrating it can be and you know how limited your options are should you only have access to conventional household tools. The receptacle itself may be full to the brim with dirty water or worse and you certainly don't want to be splashing around too much if you can help it. Sometimes, the blockage may have been caused by something other than food particles, grease, hair or other soft matter and in this case, what kind of tools will you need in order to get back to normal?

Ready for Anything

An experienced plumber will have seen it all and will certainly not be surprised by the cause of the blockage. Children's toys, building blocks, jewellery, smartphones and other valuable objects can sometimes make their way into a drain for a variety of different reasons and a plumber may need to call in some sophisticated tools in order to return everything back to its normal state.

Jetting Technology

If the blockage is beyond the traditional "U" bend in your household drainage system, then the plumber may need to bring in jetting technology to force the blockage out of the way. High-pressure water jets can be introduced to the drain which will not only clear the blockage but get rid of any accumulated dirt, grime or grease at the same time. Some plumbers advise that a high-pressure jet should be introduced periodically anyway, as it helps to avoid a buildup of "gunk."

Solid Object

If something solid like an underground tree root has forced its way into the pipe system, then a high-pressure water jet is not going to be effective. In this case, the plumber will introduce a multifunctional device equipped with a tiny camera. They will be able to see the extent of the blockage and activate a rotating blade that comes with the device. As this is a very sharp implement, it can typically cut through the solid object quickly while grinding the particles down to a manageable size. They can then be flushed out of the way as the last stage in the process.

Bringing in the Pros

Obviously, you're not going to have these tools lying around in your home and will need to bring in an expert who is so equipped. Talk your problem through with a professional plumber and they can schedule a visit to help.