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3 Reasons Why Startup Plumbing Firms Need an Apprentice Plumber

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For plumbers, succeeding in a highly competitive industry is fundamental to the continued provision of services to clients. Therefore, plumbers implement different strategies to remain ahead of the competition. Such a policy might involve investing in new plumbing technology and taking refresher plumbing courses, among other things. However, did you know that hiring an apprentice plumber can take your plumbing business to the next level? Most plumbers do not understand this and focus on recruiting experienced staff who can get the work done fast. This article highlights the solid reasons why an apprentice plumber is excellent for your plumbing business. 

1. No Preconceived Ideas -- Like other tradespeople, almost every plumber has their way to do things. It is, therefore, often difficult to change these tricks, especially if the new employee has been in the industry for a long time. Consequently, getting them to learn your way of operating will take time. With an apprentice plumber, however, you get the opportunity to mould their abilities around your business ethos. For instance, with an apprentice plumber, you can teach them the quickest as well as the best way to tighten faucets. It will ensure that they carry out plumbing tasks by following the business' laid-down guidelines'

2. Fill in the Gap -- According to recent statistics, there is a gap in the plumbing industry since few young people are taking up plumbing as a career. The concern is that in a few years, the majority of plumbers will be retiring, thereby creating a shortage. However, the deficit can be avoided if plumbing businesses took in apprentice plumbers and taught them all there is to know about the trade. By nurturing a fresh pool of future plumbers, plumbing business will help to alleviate the looming plumber shortage. Moreover, increasing the number of apprentices that coached by experienced plumbers will positively shift people's perception of the plumbing trade. Therefore, more young apprentices will regain interest in plumbing and eliminates any potential skills shortage.

3. Reduced Staff Turnover -- One common attribute with experienced plumbers is that they are always looking for the next project given the lucrative nature of most plumbing projects. The moment the right project comes along, staffs might decide to progress to a new employer. While there is nothing wrong with such a tendency, it does disrupt plumbing business operations. With an apprentice plumber, you don't have to worry about staff turnover. The reason is that there is always a level of loyalty that apprentice plumbers carry once they become full-time employees.