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3 Signs Your Kitchen Sink May Be Blocked by Grease

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There are plenty of reasons drains get clogged, but if you're dealing with a kitchen drain, then it's likely to be grease that's the culprit. That's because many people wash their pots, pans, and dishes without removing enough of the oils and fats from them – some people even pour oil right down the drain since it seems like such an easy way to get rid of it. Unfortunately, those fats and oils will start to solidify as they meet cold water and air further down your pipes. That grease will then start to coat the pipe, and this can eventually create serious blockages.

This can lead to anything from unwelcome inconveniences to expensive repairs, so it's best to think about the following common signs your kitchen sink may be blocked by grease.

1. Foul Odours of Rotting Food

One of the most common signs associated with any kind of blocked drain is a foul odour, and grease blockages are no exception. If grease has started to block your pipes, you'll usually start to notice a smell reminiscent of rotting food. This should be especially apparent if you also tend to wash small bits of food down your kitchen sink. Those small bits of food can get caught in the sticky grease – this makes blockages worse and also increases the likelihood of unpleasant odours.

2. Steadily Reduced Drainage

It should go without saying that a blocked drain isn't going to drain as fast as it used to. Unfortunately, grease blockages tend to develop slowly, which means people will often be slow to realise that something is happening. Make sure you keep an eye on how fast water is draining. It can be easy to ignore a very steady decrease in draining speed, but this is one of the most common signs of a grease build-up, and it's something you should have addressed sooner rather than later.

3. Gurgling Noises

When water has difficulty getting through your pipes, gurgling sounds will often be heard. This is very common with grease build-ups since gurgling sounds indicate only partially blocked pipes that are simply draining at a slower rate. One thing you can do is check the curved section of pipe under your kitchen sink. This is the p-trap, and it's there to catch any foreign objects. If there is nothing there that would create a clog and yet your drain continues to produce gurgling sounds, grease should be your number one suspect.

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