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Major Signs of the Urgent Need for Sprinkler System Repair

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While Australia's tropical climate is the envy of many countries, this fine weather does pose a problem that some people do not take into consideration — a lack of rainfall. Over the years, Australia's arid weather has steadily led to a scarcity of water and this has a range of ramifications. One consequence of this is the inability to grow a lush yard without the help of an artificial water supply. Thus, many households will have sprinklers. However, sprinklers are not immune to damage.

With time, your sprinkler system may develop some problems which impact its ability to keep your yard watered and before you know it, the grass and plants on your property start to wither and die. So how can you prevent this? Check out the following major signs of the urgent need for sprinkler system repair that will prompt you to call a plumber immediately.

Disproportionate irrigating of your yard

For your property to have green grass all around, your sprinklers need to irrigate the land uniformly. Hence, the moment that you notice that some plants are thriving while others are yellowing, you should be concerned about uneven watering. The easiest way to determine if this is the case is to inspect your yard right after you have had your sprinklers on. Puddles of water on parts of your property are typically indicative of an excessive amount of water aimed in one direction.

Alternatively, if you notice that parts of your lawn are drier than others, it is a sure-fire sign of unequal distribution of water. This issue usually comes about when a valve is compromised or, in other cases, one or more sprinkler heads are defective. A plumber would be best placed to investigate and fix the problem at hand.

Irregular water pressure

Sprinkler water pressure may seem like a minor problem to face, however, this issue will have a significant impact on your equipment as well as your yard. When the water pressure is too high, it increases the likelihood of premature degradation of the components that the sprinkler equipment comprises whereas when the water pressure is excessively low, it means that your lawn is not receiving adequate hydration. Thus, your plants will have a hard time flourishing.

There are several reasons why your sprinkler system will develop irregular pressure. Firstly, if one of the sprinkler heads is compromised, you will notice the water pressure has changed. Secondly, if the pipes have developed a crack or have shifted, the water pressure will decrease. Lastly, if the control valves have malfunctioned or been tampered with, the water pressure will be affected.