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3 Modern Tools that Plumbers Need for Efficient Unblocking of Drains

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Blocked drains are a nuisance to homeowners since they cause a foul smell, poor drainage, and risk of wastewater overflow. When homeowners detect a blocked drain, they call for plumbing services. That said, homeowners choose plumbing services based on their effectiveness. However, the level of efficiency of a service provider is pegged on the quality of equipment they have. This article highlights some modern equipment that professional plumbers have to unblock drains effectively and efficiently.

Portable Electric Drain Snakes

When dealing with a blocked drain, it is difficult to establish the exact location of the blockage. Notably, a drain snake is considered one of the most critical tools that a plumber can have in their toolbox. However, most plumbers have manual drain snakes; therefore, they have to turn a crank by hand to extend or retract the cable into a drain to remove the clog. A better alternative is to use a portable electric drain snake. The portable version requires minimal effort to operate. Moreover, electric drain snakes have strong cables with enough power to push through all manner of clogs. The above attribute makes an electric drain snake the best tool for clearing blockages in kitchen sinks, tubs, showers, toilets and gutter downspouts.

Kinetic Water Ram

A drainage system with a series of tight bends is a nightmare for any plumber. This is particularly the case when a blockage is far deep inside a drain, which makes it difficult to push through a sectional drain cleaner. In such circumstances, the best tool is a kinetic water ram. This innovative plumbing tool relies on a shock wave mechanism to clear deep, stubborn clogs inside drains. A kinetic water ram works by directing a burst of compressed air through drainage. The best part is that the shockwaves created travel through the bends without losing force, thereby clearing the clog. You do not have to worry about the pressure damaging your piping because the force is directed downwards rather than outwards.

Hydro-Jetting System

Some clients are environmentally conscious and prefer plumbers to use chemical-free drainage procedures. One such technique is a hydro-jetting system. Also referred to as drain jetters, hydro-jetting systems force a stream of high-pressure water down a drain. The high pressure helps to flush away soft blockages such as grease buildup. Hydro-jetting systems come in a wide range of choices, including electric jetters, gas jetters and trailer jetters. Additionally, you can choose from a variety of nozzles that help to vary the pressure exerted down a drain to unclog a blockage.

For more information about clearing blocked drains, contact a local plumber.