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Why Add Temperature Controllers to Your Hot Water System?

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While hot water units dispense hot water to your taps, the temperature of the water won't necessarily be right for you all the time. Depending on what you use the taps for, you may need different water temperatures. You may spend a lot of your time juggling hot and cold taps to get the right heat level for your needs.

Adding temperature controllers to your system may make things easier. How do these controllers work and what are their benefits? 

What Is a Temperature Controller?

A hot water unit temperature controller is a digital device that dictates the heat of water coming out of a given tap. So, for example, you can set the controller to a certain temperature in your kitchen. When you run the hot tap in your sink, the water comes out at this exact temperature. It doesn't get hotter or colder as long as you have enough hot water coming out of your unit.

Some controllers allow multiple programming. If you have a controller set up in your bathroom, you can input an individual temperature for every person who takes a bath. You can also usually set water usage levels as well so that you can control how much water goes in a bath depending on who is taking one.

What Are the Benefits of Temperature Controllers?

Temperature controllers are useful in a few different ways. If you set up controllers in key areas of your home, such as your kitchen and bathroom, then you get better control over your water usage. This reduces your water costs.

For example, if the water coming out of your kitchen tap is set at exactly the right temperature to wash up, then you don't need to use a mix of hot and cold water to fill the sink. Your hot tap does the job. The same principle works on baths and showers. Plus, if you monitor how much water you use in a shower or bath, then you can reduce your consumption. Again, this saves money.

Temperature controllers also have specific safety benefits if you have children. Hot water is especially dangerous for young kids. If you set safe temperatures for general taps or for your children's bath or shower times, then you know that they can't accidentally run water that is hot enough to harm them.

To find out more about how temperature controllers work, talk to your plumber. They can advise you on the types of controllers that might work on your hot water unit.