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Great Grates: The Advantages Of Choosing Stainless-Steel Drainage Grates For Your New Public Showers

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Public shower systems are an important part of many businesses and can be found in humble roadside truck stops and sprawling hotel complexes alike. However, allowing water to drain away easily from your shower block is just as important as pumping sufficient water to it, and to be able to withstand constant, heavy use from a wide variety of patrons, the drains in your showers will have to be robust.

Floor-level trench drains are the most common drainage option used in public showers and are both reliable and capable of draining away large quantities of water quickly. However, they need to be covered with grates to prevent them from becoming clogged or posing a trip hazard, and these grates must be as tough as the rest of your drainage system. Stainless-steel grates are an excellent choice for any public shower drainage system and have incomparable advantages over grates made of coated steel, thermoplastics or other materials.

What are the advantages of installing stainless-steel drainage grates in your public showers?


As you can imagine, stainless-steel drainage grates are incredibly durable and can put up with a great deal of punishment. They do not dent easily, even under heavy impacts, and are practically impossible to break entirely. Unlike conventional steel grates, which must be treated with protective surface coatings to defend against rust, stainless-steel grates are completely immune to moisture-induced corrosion, allowing them to serve for many years without maintenance or re-coating.


Stainless steel also retains all of the strength of conventional steel, and even a thin stainless-steel drainage grate can bear heavy loads without buckling. This allows heavier shower users to place their weight on floor-level grates with confidence and is particularly useful for disabled-use public showers where drainage grates will often have to bear the weight of both a human being and the hefty wheelchair they use to get around.


Stainless steel's smooth, non-porous surface does not harbour bacteria and can be sterilised very easily using conventional shower-cleaning chemicals. This makes them particularly useful compared to plastic grates, which often become porous as they age and can become breeding grounds for bacteria, mould and other unpleasant pathogens.

Easily installed

Stainless-steel drainage grates do not require complicated installation and can often be slotted simply into pre-installed drainage trenches without the need for sealants of fixatives. Because stainless steel grates are so strong, they are also comparatively thin and therefore lightweight compared to other grate options, allowing them to be installed by a single person.


If your public showers are no longer required and are to be demolished or re-purposed for other uses, stainless-steel grates can be recycled easily, reducing the overall environmental cost of installing and running your public showers. You may even be able to recoup some of your costs, as stainless steel is reasonable condition fetches decent prices on the scrap metal market.