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Various Ways Problems With Your Pool Pump May Manifest

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Your swimming pool would be incomplete without a pool pump as this nifty piece of equipment is tasked with ensuring the water remains clean, which subsequently makes sure that it is safe for swimming in. Nevertheless, just like most other mechanical components, the pump can acquire some damage due to the heavy-duty work that it performs. Although there are some minor problems that you could easily handle on your own, serious issues with your pool pump should exclusively be left to a professional contractor. Below are some of the various ways problems with your pool pump may manifest.

The pool pump has developed weird noises

Pool pumps do not typically operate noiselessly. Nonetheless, the sound they emit should not be disruptive. The moment you begin to notice that the pump has started to sound excessively noisy, it is an indicator that there is something off kilter with the system. In usual cases, the noise could be emanating from blockages that have developed inside the suction line of the pool pump or the skimmer. However, if you clear these passage and still find your pool pump is noisy, it could mean the bearings have become compromised and would need to be changed with new ones.

The pool pump is leaking when in use 

Despite the volume of water that your pool pump pushes on when in operation, it is not supposed to spring a leak. When you start to find puddle underneath the pump, it is a clear indicator that the pressure of the water is becoming too much to bear. This problem will typically come about when the O-ring either has come loose or has deteriorated. It would also be a good idea to check the shaft seal of the pump for any damages that could affect how it functions. Although it may seem simple to replace these components, it is best to have a technician do it because the pool pump runs on electrical power.

The pool pump's basket is not retaining water

Water is supposed to fill the pool pump's basket whenever the equipment is in use, or your pump will be susceptible to a breakdown. Therefore, if you begin to notice that the basket is not filling up, it could indicate that there is an airlock in the pump's water line. Keep in mind that bubbles within the line could be anywhere along its length. Thus, a technician should be called in, as they would have the proper equipment to remedy this issue.