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Student Plumbing Tips

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Being a student is one of the best things you can do to get more opportunities, but it can often leave you a little short on money and on a busy schedule. Living away from home in student accommodation can add to these costs, and with multiple people living and working together, it's inevitable that your house or flat will get damaged.

One of the worst thing for a house full of students to encounter is problems with the plumbing. Dishes don't get washed, people don't shower and the house can quickly fall into disarray. This guide will offer some practical tips to help you to overcome some of these difficulties whilst you wait for your landlord to sort out these problems. 

Dripping Sinks 

There's nothing worse than having to listen to the slow, continuous drip of a leaky tap. This is often caused by an ill-fitting bracket or a damaged faucet, which can be cheap and easy to replace. However if you're trying to relax and catch up on sleep, it can be quite tiresome and annoying.

If you don't have any idea of how to fix a tap, you can take a piece of string and tie it around the part of the tap that releases the water. The drip should catch on to the string and work it's way down to the bowl without making a noise. Whilst it's not a permanent solution, it can help temporarily, especially if you have a sink in your room. 

Blocked Showers

Having blocked drains can be annoying and potentially disastrous, especially if they overflow. Whilst you can buy dedicated sink unblockers, you need to ensure that they are appropriate for your drainage system. Some of the chemicals in these formulas are incredibly strong, as they are designed to break down food or debris. Unfortunately they can also eat into plastic piping, so check before you buy and purchase something tailor-made for either the bathroom or kitchen.

You can also prevent a build up of debris by frequently cleaning the filter in a shower, it should just lift out of the drain and will often get blocked with hair. However if it's the kitchen sink that's causing problems check to see how much fat you are throwing away. Pouring fat down a drain solidifies it and causes blockages when it comes in contact with cold water. Instead, wait for the fat to cool and funnel it into an old plastic bottle. This can then be thrown away into the garbage without causing a mess. 

For more tips on clearing a blocked drain and keeping it clear, contact a plumber at companies like Booth Contracting.