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Essential Factors to Consider When Installing a New Toilet

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So you have decided to replace that old toilet in your bathroom with a new one. Toilet replacement is not a project that is often undertaken; therefore, you need to put much thought and consideration into the process. Advancements in technology have led to the manufacture of modern toilets which are efficient and convenient to use. As you consider replacing this prominent fixture in your bathroom, you should have the following things in mind to ensure that you get the most value from the renovation.

Height of the toilet

The height of the toilet may seem like an obvious aspect, but it is one that should be carefully considered. The standard sized toilet is suitable for the average person provided they are healthy and have no back problems. However, if you have seniors in your household or individuals who have a problem sitting or standing, you should consider a different option. In this case, the chair-height toilet is ideal for them. Consider the needs of every person who will be using the toilet when choosing the suitable height.

Tankless design

The old conventional toilet comes with a water tank, but modern tankless toilets have replaced this model. If you have a small bathroom or want a minimalist appearance, you can choose this design. Since there is no tank, they occupy little space and give the room an appealing look. Also, they flush quickly and have adequate pressure as they are directly connected to the bathroom's water supply line. Tankless toilets are also easy to clean as you don't have to spend time cleaning the tank as well.

Flush performance

If you have a toilet with a low-flush mechanism, you understand the frustrations of double flushing the toilet all the time. Not only is this annoying, but it also leads to water wastage in the home. As you shop for a new toilet, consider one with a high flush performance. Today, some toilets use gravity or pressure to push waste matter down the toilet.

Gravity toilets are the ones found in most homes today, and they use gravitational force to remove waste. These are usually prone to double flushing as there is no artificial force involved in forcing the water down the toilet. On the other hand, pressure toilets have a mechanism that pushes water out, and it is effective in flushing down the solid waste. You can install such in your home if you want to maximize the toilet's energy efficiency.

When choosing a new toilet to add to your bathroom renovations, consider its reliability, performance, and appearance.