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How to Recover a Wedding Ring Which Has Been Washed Down the Sink

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If your wedding ring has fallen from your finger and been washed down the plug hole of your kitchen sink, you will probably be panicking like crazy. However, by remaining calm and taking the following steps, you can ensure the safe retrieval of your wedding ring. 

Shut off the water

If the kitchen taps are turned on, you should immediately turn them off. Any water which enters the drain will increase the chance that your ring will be washed further down the pipe. By shutting off the water, you can increase the chance that the ring will stay within easy reach.

Remove the plug hole cover

You should then use a flat headed screwdriver to lift the plug hole cover away from the entrance to the pipe. Doing so will allow you to look into the drain to check if the ring can be seen at the bottom of the U-bend. The U bend is the piece of the pipe shaped like a U. Because of the weight of the ring, it is likely to have become trapped at the bottom of the U-bend. If you can see the ring, you may wish to try to use a piece of thin wire to hook the ring and lift it out of the drain.

Remove the U-bend 

If you cannot recover the ring using a piece of wire, you will need to remove the U-bend pipe. The first step is to remove anything stored below your kitchen sink, so you have the space you need to work. You should then loosen the nuts which are at either end of the U-bend pipe. If the nuts prove difficult to move, you may need to use an adjustable spanner. However, if you use a spanner, you should be careful not to damage the plastic pipe. As you remove the U-bend, you should be prepared for some water to leak out of the exposed pipe section. However, the amount of liquid should be relatively minor.

Recover the ring

It is likely that the section of U-bend pipe will contain some unpleasant sludge, so you should wear protective latex gloves before you go in search of the ring. However, provided that the ring hasn't been washed further into your home's plumbing system, you should be able to recover your wedding ring. You can then reattach the U-bend pipe and wash your wedding ring to remove any grime.

If you do not feel confident carrying out this type of DIY plumbing to recover your ring, you should contact an emergency plumber.