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Clogs Happen! Is Your Drain Ready For Menopausal Hair Loss?

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One of the most common causes of a shower drain clog is hair. Now you are entering the menopausal stage of your life, chances are you will experience hair loss more than normal because of your fluctuating hormones. Since you don't want to be dealing with a clogged drain while the hormones are rampaging, there are several things you can do to prevent the blockage from happening.

Drain inspection

Because there is a good chance of the shower drain receiving extra strands of your hair over the next 12 months, it is advisable to have your shower drain inspected and cleaned before your hair sheds. If you already have blocked drains slow to let water out, then this is a good indicator there is already a partial blockage in place. A plumber can check and clean out a blocked drain for you, and this can be done in as little as an hour.

Hair catcher

Installing a hair catcher in your shower drain once it is clean is an excellent way to stop further clogs from happening. A hair catcher looks like a small plastic basket with holes in it. It sits beneath the normal shower drain grill. It allows water to drain through while catching hair and other debris that wash down the drain. The hair catcher can be removed as often as you want, emptied out, and then slotted back into place. You can buy a hair catcher at a home hardware shop or from your local plumbing supplier.

Change habits

There is one further step you can take to reduce the amount of hair which falls from your head into the drain, and that is to change your grooming habits during this change of life. Firstly, brush your hair before you get into the shower as this will reduce the amount of loose hair which potentially could fall out while you are bathing. Secondly, consider wearing a shower cap in the shower on the days you are not going to wash your hair, so that loose hair is kept on top of your head and not in the drain.

It can be distressing to deal with hair loss while your hormones make their changes, so the last thing you want to deal with on top of this is a completely blocked shower drain. Your local plumber can make sure your drain is flowing freely now and also help you unblock it again if the worst case scenario occurs and it does block up during the year head.