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Say No To Cold Showers: Three Telltale Signs That Your Domestic Water Heater Should Be Replaced

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Did you know that water heaters exhibit some signs before breaking down? Looking out for these signs can help you make the necessary adjustments before they fail. Many people fail to service their water systems regularly and only contact plumbers when the system breaks down. Regular inspection of your hot water system will not only improve its efficiency, it also leads to repairing anything that needs attention. Here are some signs that indicate your water system needs some help.

Noise and Rumbling

After continuous usage of the water heater, sediment and mineral deposits, which are contained in water, harden and settle on the bottom of the tank. This happens due to constant heating and reheating of water. You will begin to hear rumbling sounds when your hot water system is switched on as water beneath the sediment heats up and eventually escapes as steam that bursts in the water. Besides producing the annoying sounds, the water heater will also be less efficient as the deposits cause it to consume more energy when heating. Before long, you will notice a significant increase in the home's electrical costs.

Water Pooling Around the Heater

As a water heater ages, its metallic components tend to wear out. One of the apparent signs of wear is the development of small holes on the water tank. These holes may cause leakage when the heater is in use. This is because as you heat water, the metal tank expands. As a result, water may leak and pool around the water heater. If the water heater isn't repaired or replaced, it will break down after some time. You should contact your plumber immediately if you notice this problem.

Old Water Heater

Just like most plumbing fixtures in the home, your water heater is bound to require replacement at some point. It is important to confirm how long your water heater has been in existence when buying a home so that you can determine when to replace it. The serial number on the upper part of the system will reveal the manufacturing date of your heater. You should consider replacing it if it is more than a decade old. Besides improving efficiency, obtaining a new heater will give you the opportunity to look around for the latest, energy efficient models.

There is nothing worse than enduring a cold shower due to a faulty water heater. To avoid this, look out for these telltale signs which indicate your system is on its way out. As you shop for a new heater, consider going for a tankless system, which is more efficient, heats water on the go and saves electrical energy as compared to the traditional water heater.